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Clean room

Clean room

The ever increasing demand of the strict adherence to World Class Environment and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) has brought the Turnkey Design and Supply of Clean Room Air Conditioning Equipment for the Electronics Industry under the purview of Ventury.

The Control of Static is a major issue in the Electronics Industry where, for example, voltages as low as 5 volts can cause catastrophic failure of components, or worse, latent damage which results in field failure. This can be very costly in terms of repair and manufacturers’ reputations.

The problem is predominantly addressed by the use of Conductive or Static Dissipative Materials in conjunction with Ionisation. Ionisation inhibits the build up of Static Charges by delivering balanced Ionised Air to the target surfaces. This, in turn, prevents Electrostatic Discharges (ESD) and the Electrostatic Attraction of Airborne Particles. If Static is not controlled, it results in Contamination and Damage to Components.

Electronics Electronics

All means are being implemented to reach the required level of cleanliness:

  • Accurate Temperature & Humidity Control.
  • Monitored Control of Positive Pressure.
  • Pressure Monitoring of all Filters.
  • Static Control Policy.

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