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The leading Japanese producer of very small dust extractors

CHIKO AIRTEC CO., LTD, premier Japanese designer and manufacturer of small high performance fume collectors and dust extractors. CHIKO AIRTEC was founded in 1998 in the OSAKA region of Japan, and specializes in the miniaturization of fine particulate extractors, air purifiers and deodorizers.

Leading producer of small models, recognized by all the big Japanese industrial conglomerates (Panasonic, Toyota, Sony...), dust extractors and fume collectors are designed to combine reliability, power, performance and long-life filters, by offering very small models, easy-to-carry and adaptable to all kinds of environments.

They optimize production and preserve machinery and manufacturing processes, while providing a clean work environment to the electronic, electrical, mechanic, car, scientific and to cleanrooms

A minimal size for maximum reliability

Laser Marking CBA-1000AT/080/1200-HC-DSA (V1)
High Pressure Very Compact Fume collectors for laser
Applications: Elimination of fumes and odours due to laser marking.
Air flow: 1.5~4.3m3/min / Static Pressure: 7~10kPa.
Power: 1000W, 250W or 1200W.
Maximum filtration rate 99.97% for particulates ≥ 0.3 μ
Cleanrooms CBA-080AT/ 1200AT-HC (V1)
Very Compact High Pressure Dust extractors.
Applications: For a clean environment, micro-cutting, micro-engraving.
Air flow: 1.5~4.3m3/min / Static Pressure: 8~10kPa.
Power: 250W or 1200W.
Maximum filtration rate 99.97% for particulates ≥ 0.3 μ
Micro-welding CKU-060AT-ACC
Compact Low Pressure Dust collector for fume and odor.
Applications: Micro-welding, laser marking.
Air flow: 2.4m3/min / Static Pressure: 1.8kPa.
Power: 150W.
Maximum filtration rate 98% for particulates ≥ 0.3μ
Micromachining CKU-080AT/240AT/400AT/450AT-HC (V1)
Compact Low Pressure Dust extractors.
Applications: Electronics, mechanics, jewelry, laboratory...
Air flow: 3.3~7.0m3/min / Static Pressure: 1.4~2.9kPa.
Power: 150W, 250W, 450W, 750W.
Maximum filtration rate 99.97% for particulates ≥ 0.3μ
Multipurpose SK-250AT(DS)/450AT/750
Compact Multipurpose Dust extractors.
Applications: Cutting, piercing, polishing, blower cleaning.
Air flow: 5.5~13.7m3/min / Static Pressure: 1.75~2.6kPa.
Power: 250W / 450W / 750W.
Filtration rate > 99% for particulates ≥ 1μ
Important dust emissions SKV-900AT-HC-V1 Low Pressure Dust extractor.
Applications: Multipurpose for important dust emissions.
Air flow: 15m3/min / Static Pressure: 3.2kPa.
Power: 900W.
Maximum filtration rate 99.97% for particulates ≥ 0.3μ


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