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Rice Business has taken another dimension in Thailand with the implementation of this project, known to be one of the Largest Rice Mills in Asia. It is located in Central Thailand where most of the country's Rice is being grown.
As far as the Storage is concerned, the latest state-of-the-art Silos have been selected and each of them can store up to 6,000 Tons of Rice. Coming right from the paddy fields, this Rice must be preserved properly in order to avoid Fungi (Mold) and Bacteria Growth under our Tropical Conditions. Thus great care has been taken to treat it well with a Centralized Air Treatment System.

As a matter of fact, every of the 15 silos is controlled from a computer and Temperature inside is monitored by not less than 41 Sensors, down to levels as low as 12 degrees Celsius and with a Equilibrium Relative Humidity below 65%. The Cooling is done through Air Handling Units taking in 100% Fresh Air as no recirculation is possible. Inside this unit, two Direct Expansion Coils allow a Double Step Cooling, while Dehumidification is carried out by a Heating Coil. The latter is being directly fed from the Condensing Units, using the Super Heat from the Refrigerant Cycle and thus does not require extra power to operate.

As Environment is also a concern, Proper Filtration takes place on the Air Entry and Sound Absorbing Baffles are also part of the design. The Clean, Chilled and Dry Air is then being blown from the bottom of the Silos by means of very powerful Centrifugal Fans, enabling the Air to go up through 20 meters of Rice layers.
It can take up to ten days to properly treat the whole Silo, when it is full of Rice.


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