Electrical Systems


High Voltage and transformers

Ventury has routine dealings with the local regulatory industry and experience connecting high demand industrial transformers. With years of experience they can also assist in choosing the correct and best fit piece of equipment for our clients.

Wiring Closets

The core of the distribution network of a factory. It is integral to integrate an robust and efficient power distribution network.  Ventury custom designs and installs the best fit wiring closet for or clientel.



Good lighting serves the dual need of providing lighting but also providing a good aesthetic to the work space. Ventury spends time making sure that our clients find the best solutions to their illumination needs and suits the environment and production needs.


More than a simple legal requirement, security is a crucial point in industrial infrastructure. Ventury makes sure all projects have the appropriate amount of support and safety installations, from fire alarms and evacuation signage. But also specific safety equipment for dangerous industrial equipment.


Network and Telephonic

Coordinating with our clients to make sure their IT infrastructure is appropriately integrated as well as their telephone services. Making sure it is accessible in required areas and appropriately secured.


Ventury can also intergrate other electronic security measure. Such as CCTV and door lock mechanisms.We strive to properly secure our clients facilities to an appropriate level of confidence without excess.